Problems with the representation of materials


I am having problems with my model and I don’t know what is happening. Look the imagem below:

The geometries with “A” have the same material, and they are in the same angle, but have very different colors. Whats could be this? A bug in my model?


Looks like it could be an issue with normals. Could you please send me a link to the model?

Here is the link:

I fix the normals but the problem persists.


It still looks like some invalid normals after upload:

Maybe something happened during our processing. @marc any idea?

"warning": {
    "normals": [
        "Geometry  has invalid normals"

Hi @Nukearts, @james

Troubleshooting this kind of rendering issue, I follow the following steps:

  1. use “shadeless” mode: it’s the only mode where normals are not used at all. Using this, both geometries looks the same so it looks like a normal issue
  2. use “matcap” mode: in this mode, we basically only rely on normals. Here we can clearly spot some differences validating an issue with normals
  3. last resort, looking at the processing messages (we definitively need to improve the friendliness of those): An ‘invalid’ normal is a vertex normal that does not go in the same direction as its face normal. As it might be intentional, we do not correct those (otherwise the messages would say normals have been dropped and recomputed).

So the issue should come from the parts pointed by @james. The easy fix would be to not export the normals before uploading so that we would recompute them.

Good afternoon guys!

I exported my .OBJ without the normals and worked!

Thanks for your support!
You’re awesome!

Looks great! :smile:

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