Processing never finishes


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A strange thing happened on my way to Forum.
So, I uploaded a model to Sketchfab, and it processed as i it should.
Then I discovered that the uploaded archive contained more than one model, so the viewer presentation was bad.
I deleted that model which went well.
I fixed the archive (rar) and uploaded again, using the same name.
The model uploaded as expected and the processing begun, but never ended.
After 25 hours it is still processing, and I cannot stop the process, neither delete the model.
It will seem the session is stuck somehow.
This is the one
[Edit] The process is now killed and the link is dead.

What to do?
Bertil (aka Petit)



Sorry about that. We experienced some issues with re-upload that caused some models to get stuck. I deleted it for you, could you try uploading again?


(Bertil) #3

Thanks James!
I took a while to get back to this. I'm uploading the rar archive right now, and it seems to take a while. It looks like it could get stuck again, but I'll wait a little more. The difference between this model and the once I've successfully uploaded earlier, is that it is exported från MeshLab, while others came from Sculptris or Mesmixer, som with and some without a mtl file and reference. Alla are obj meshes with textures. I'll get back if it fails again.

Well, it still hangs after two hours. I think you might do your magic again ans kill the bastard.
I will go though the obj file and search for clues, and get back here with any findings. If you like and have the time, you might take a look as well - I guess it's in some server cahche.

[Edit] One problem could be that the obj file exported by MeshLab for some strange reasons contains lots of material references/definitions in addition to the reference to the external material png file.

[Edit] Somehow the processing this time ended after a few hours with an error (no error code though), and I was able to delete the model. I'll have to find some other application to export my mesh, for it to be accepted by Sketchfab.



That's strange. Could you send me a link to the failed upload or the original file(s)?

We did have an issue with special characters in texture file names, but it should be fixed now.

(Bertil) #6

Hi James,
As I have killed the bastard on Sketchfab, I'll try with this ling to the rar archive I tried to upload.
It's on my server, so hopefully you can download it from there.



The issue is too many materials. Your MTL file only contains one material "material_0":

# Wavefront material file
# Converted by Meshlab Group

newmtl material_0
Ka 0.200000 0.200000 0.200000
Kd 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000
Ks 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000
Tr 0.835294
illum 2
Ns 0.000000
map_Kd BerraBust_tex.png

However, your OBJ file has over 100,000. Seems like it's trying to apply a unique material to almost every single face...

usemtl material_0
vt 0.500000 0.500000
f 1/1/1 2/1/2 3/1/3

usemtl material_1
f 2/1/2 4/1/4 5/1/5

usemtl material_2
f 5/1/5 6/1/6 3/1/3

usemtl material_1
f 2/1/2 5/1/5 3/1/3

usemtl material_3
f 4/1/4 7/1/7 8/1/8

usemtl material_4
f 7/1/7 9/1/9 10/1/10

usemtl material_5
f 10/1/10 11/1/11 8/1/8

usemtl material_6
f 7/1/7 10/1/10 8/1/8

usemtl material_7
f 11/1/11 12/1/12 13/1/13

usemtl material_8
f 12/1/12 14/1/14 15/1/15

I have no idea how it was exported like this, but that's the reason processing fails. It hits a timeout going through all those.

(Bertil) #8

Once again, excellent work sir!

I'll have to look into this strange matter, to why Meshlab exports so many material references.
As I'm new to the application, I guess I've dome something fundamentally wrong before exporting.

Thank you and keep up the good work!