Product configurator without coding?

(Vmladin) #1

Hi all,

This would be my first post on this forum so hi everyone !

After I searched this forum I found out that the API for a product configurator is available and also a great 3DsMax plugin is in development by klaasnienhuis.

I know this is great for some, but for me and, I think, other designers it is really hard to follow the instructions and use these features in order to showcase our products on our personal websites.

I had a hard time even to get the API examples from Github and really do not know where to start to build a product configurator for my items. Also, klaasnienhuis' work is Max related and I parted ways with poly/mesh modeling a while ago and do not intend to go back so now I am using Fusion 360 + Zbrush to design my products.

And finally, my question. Is there a possibility to have this integrated in Sketchfab as a feature? I would pay for something like this without batting an eye.