Profile Display Name & View Stats

Two bugs really,

The first is whenever I try to update my profile, it says my display name is already taken, even thou it’s the same name I have now, I didn’t even touch that field, and I want to keep my display name… As such I haven’t been able to update my profile as I do not want to lose my current display name and it’s been like this for about a month now, was hoping it might fix itself but no.

The second isn’t a big bug but it’s triggering my OCD, that the total number of views my models have hasn’t changed in a few weeks and is clearly incorrect, and it isn’t just counting the views of my main model as it has been 3.3k for the last few weeks when my Frigate had 3.1k views and the total made sense.

Anyways small issues but hopefully you can fix them :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this! I’m passing it on to our developers.