Program crash when I try to export

(Matpicsi) #1

I've a problem when I try to export my model on sketchfab.
I use the last version of 3d studio max with Vray 3.4.
I follow all the step of the tutorial for internal view:
_ I load the plug in
_I select my scene and set all the parametres (I try all the size of the texture density to semplify the model; I try all the lighting type,manual and automatic)
but when I try to public the model,the program go in crash when start the render process.

Have you an idea on what could be the reasons?


(Bart) #2

@klaasnienhuis can you help out with this?

(Klaasnienhuis) #3

It's possilble your vray license is not yet active. Did you activate the vray license server? It's impossible to check with the script and it will crash 3dsMax when you start rendering. this happens to me a lot!

(Matpicsi) #4

I didn't activate the vray license but I think that it's not the reason of my problem.
I try to export a simple model (a sphere and a teapot) and it function.
So I proceded step by step, improved each time the number of solid at least I was able to export the project. Now the problem is that the texture is in a very low definition and I have some black part.
I also changed my camera with a vray one.

(Klaasnienhuis) #5

First of all, when you try to texturebake with vray and there's no vray license active, 3dsMax will crash.
If the texture is very rough, the texture size is probably very small. This also explains black parts. It's hard to help any further without seeing the actual model and exporter settings.