Program for Hand-Painted Textures?


(Sculpt Mike) #1

Hi there! I really want to learn how to add textures on 3D objects! I see many using Hand-Painted Texture. It looks good! I wish someone could teach me and tell me which program I can use! I know a lot about drawing and colors, contrasts and highlight. But what I need help with is how I can add those on 3D objects!

If anyone knows of any tutorials or can make tutorials
to help me I would be very happy!

(Dennispls) #2

Hello Mike,

I use 3D-Coat to paint directly onto my model. It is a very easy to use program that works similar to Photoshop but with 3D support.

(Sculpt Mike) #3

Hey @dennispls Thank you for answering me! :smile:
Let me know if there are a similar programs for free?

(Dennispls) #4

I don't think you will find anything similar for free. Give the trial a try and see if it is something you feel like purchasing.
They often have discounts and the student license/hobby license is pretty cheap.

(Chaitanyak) #5

@SculptMike you can also use Blender or Sculptris to do it. depending on your familiarity
to start off you can even use sketchfab's own Paintfab -

Difficulty level - medium to high
features - pretty much everything, but steep learning curve.
You need to Unwrap the UVs of your model before you can start.(actually very easy in blender)

free -

Difficulty level - easy
features - few but good enough for pro level painting
load any obj file and start painting.. it unwraps automatically.. so as a beginner you can just start painting.

free -

Paintfab beta .. so fun to try out.. might not be something you use for major work.
Difficulty level - easy
features - few
try it here -

(Sculpt Mike) #6

I found Blender kinda Difficulty for painting, and i have Sculptris but the program stops all the time i use it. Paintfab looks cool to me! Hope Artists like us can use Paintfab on or objects in the future! Thx any way!!

IF you guys know about more programs please tell me! :smiley:

(Chaitanyak) #7

you can! just upload your obj file and start painting

(Chaitanyak) #8

sculptris is more stable in non fullscreen mode..
(any 3d program will be)

(Sculpt Mike) #9

Thanks :slight_smile: using Maya can only exsport to EBX and not Obj. :confused:

(Sculpt Mike) #10

Found this!,topicNumber=d0e648504

Thx for telling me i can import obj with the editor at sketchfab! :slight_smile:

(Sculpt Mike) #11

Hi, gonna test 3D-Coat now! :slight_smile:

(Sculpt Mike) #12

Why do this happend?
When i paint on the first part, automatically paint on other parts as well?

(Dennispls) #13

Do you have overlapping UVs?

(Sculpt Mike) #14

Hi, where can i see that?

(Dennispls) #15

In your 3D application where you modelled this. Select the faces that seem to have the same details when painting and see if they house the same space on the UV.

(Chaitanyak) #16

yup thats definitely a problem with uvs.. if you don't feel like learning how to fix it.. heres a simple work around
1) open the model in sculptris and switch to "Paint" mode..
2) select the resolution.. let it create the uvs and
3) then just save export the file.. you'll almost certainly get usable uvs. that will work in any other program.

(Chaitanyak) #17

3d coat if i remember had some pretty simple uv tools itself.. maybe just look that up?

(Dark Minaz) #18

go to the uv tab
hit autouv
for a more detailed uv in 3d coat :slight_smile:
once you got a decent uv you can paint and use baking to bake some base ao and co :slight_smile:

(Sculpt Mike) #19

Thx guys! :- )

(Grico316) #20

Substance Painter is a great texture painting software. I use it for everything nowadays. I works just like Photoshop and its really easy to learn. You can get a Free student version starting August 4th, provided that you have a valid student email. Also has free 30 day trial and if you were looking to buy the indie license is only $150. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube as well.