Project Mosul: Can you improve this result?

(Bart) #1

We're offering the Project Mosul initiative the help of the Sketchfab community's expertise - see details here.

As a first project for us, we're interested in your opinion of how we can improve the reconstruction results. The first 3D reconstruction, which was a 'proof of concept', was based on only 16 pictures from different sources. Made with different cameras under different lighting conditions, it's quite a challenge to get a good result from them.

Here are the original and manually masked images:

And here's the reconstruction after masking, and using Photoshop auto-levels to make the colors more consistent:

The Lion of Mosul by neshmi on Sketchfab

My first question to you: how can we get a better result from such a set of photos? Which steps are necessary?

Project Mosul: Reconstructing the Lost Heritage of the Mosul Museum
(Abby Crawford) #2

I love a good project! I'll play with these photos tonight/tomorrow and report back. It'd be great if there were a Dropbox-type way to download the photos.

(Bart) #3

That's a good suggestion. Or maybe at the very least one .zip file with all the images inside?

I'm curious to see what you'll be coming up with!

(Neshmi) #4

I'll see if I can get the batch downloader going today. I am currently the sole-coder on the platform, so certain things don't get done if they're not top priority... but this seems to be a good thing to get going sooner rather than later smile

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing what you can get from the images!

(Iconem) #5

I all, very nice project. @neshmi, I really appreciate your initiative. I have specific algorythm for 3D reconstruction of archive picture we use for a project in Pompei, I will try to process these photo and give you a result. Best,

(Archaeologysouthwest) #6

Well, here is my first crack at the project. A low image count so far makes things rather tough, but so far so good.

Project Mosul Lion by Doug Gann on Sketchfab

Modeled with Autodesk's tortuous Recap 360.

(Ingg) #7


Musul lion by ingg on Sketchfab

Some area have crack and mesh wave/sprikes/texture translation... but you can see the cuneiform words.
Not cuneiform words up lion (>,<)
I try new test.

Can pubbly model on my website?

(Chaitanyak) #8

very interesting, and i appreciate the effort the Project Mosul team is making!
Back when i was at art school here in Bangalore.. we heard/saw that the Taliban had demolished the Bamiya Budha in Afghanistan..

As a class project we reconstructed a scale replica of it on an artist's farm.. with mud and clay smile

these kinds of projects are something all of us should take part in.
I'm no expert at it, but will give it a try myself.

(Bart) #9

@archaeologysouthwest, @ingg I edited your posts to fix the embed. Remember: just include the regular URL in your message to display it - don't use the iframe code or the short Sketchfab link.

(Archaeologysouthwest) #10

Thanks Barty!

Neshmi - Masking out backgrounds worked wonders for earlier versions of Photoscan, but with the most recent releases, it seems like keeping the backgrounds actually helps build better models.

For what its's worth!

(Archaeologysouthwest) #11

Awesome! Tell us more!

(Neshmi) #12

@archaeologysouthwest - I've still had better results with masking, particularly in this case. I don't often bother to mask, as usually the results are just about as good with or without masking. But there is so much noise produced by the extraneous items that this is the first time I've really felt the need to mask. That being said, there is still need for post-processing these models (blender, z-brush) so, I don't feel the quality is taking the hit so much as extra noise is being produced. So we could potentially skip masking and just focus on 3D post-processing cleanup.

(Neshmi) #13

@chaitanyak That is awesome!!! Do you have any photos of the results?? that'd be so cool to see...

(Neshmi) #14

Just a general reminder to everyone, tag your models with "projectmosul" and they will automatically appear on project mosul's 3D gallery page. Also - sometime next week you will be able to embed BBCode into the site itself, associating specific 3D models with artefacts. Stay tuned! smile

(Ingg) #15

currently my hope is to find a job with this knowledge, since i am without a job from 4 years

(Ingg) #16

An example with nice noise smile

Musul lion - wave by ingg on Sketchfab

Reconstruction with PNG photo + Jpeg photo...png converted from jpeg

(Neshmi) #17

Yikes! smile artistically speaking that is awesome!

(Ingg) #18

Ok, a new test

Musul lion by ingg on Sketchfab

1) increase cuneiform words definition also over the lion and also good front paws grooves
2) losing mesh definition on perimetral area of subject
3) gain definition on mouth lines
4) losing canine tooth
5) cant have 90° on marble base step

new test fake complete 3D...

(Ben Kreunen) #19

Great community project. ZIP download or even old school directory listing that can be harvested with a download utility

(Ben Kreunen) #20

DownTheAll! for Firefox filters and gets the "/download" URLs nicely