Project Mosul: Reconstructing the Lost Heritage of the Mosul Museum

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The Lion of Mosul by neshmi on Sketchfab

Volunteers of the Initial Trianing Network for Digital Cultural Heritage have launched an initiative to save as many artefacts as they can after the senseless destruction of priceless cultural heritage in the Mosul Museum last month.

By collecting photographs of the statues, cleaning them up and applying 3D reconstruction techniques they hope to provide virtual representations of the pieces that are as close to the originals as they can.

Matthew Vincent is one of the volunteers behind this initiative, and I asked him today to see how our community might be able to assist. With our strong Cultural Heritage group and numerous experts in 3D scanning and photogrammetry, I felt we could offer our collective expertise to help drive this project forward.

Besides finding web developers for the project site, his main focus is finding a robust workflow for processing pictures from different sources. We'll be starting up several projects here on our Cultural Heritage forum to jointly research this and to develop 'howto' guides for new volunteers on wiki pages.

Visit the Project Mosul website for the full background on this initiative.

Here's a list of the current 'projects' that we're working on:

  • Based on the original 16 photographs, can you help us find a better way to process them and create a better reconstruction? See this forum topic.

Project Mosul: Can you improve this result?
Cultural heritage applications for 3D scans
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As disturbing as the footage may be, it may be an interesting exercise to see if there is any footage of sufficient quality to aid in 3D reconstructions. The percentage would probably be very low but given the small image numbers we're seeing so far it could be useful.

(Bart) #3

This technique was used in the 3D reconstruction of Donetsk Airport. Here's more information about that project. The resolution isn't very good (HD compared to 20MP camera's), but it's useful in its own way:

Donetsk Int'l Airport Terminal by Matthew Schroyer on Sketchfab