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(Edward Holmes) #1

Hello everyone! I am here in search of people who are willing to assist me in creation of my Pokémon mod. I am in need of quite a few things that I am not educated in, and would like it if some of you would stand by my side in helping me. Here is a list of the following people/talents I need in order to successfully build up my future creation:

  1. Modeler(s) - I need as many of you as possible. I want to create every line of Pokémon and their shiny forms.

  2. Animators - It would be good to show life in the models instead of making it look as if they are dragging their feet against the grown. I would also need you for flying Pokémon, swimming Pokémon, etc.

  3. Sounds - Here is where the music genius's will be put to the test. I would like some Pokémon sounds from the actual Pokémon and some music to correspond with the game. Such as slow, adventurous music when you're walking around adventuring, or fast-paced, action type music when you're in battle.

  4. Coders - I have the slightest knowledge when it comes to coding, but I would love your help. You are our key to the game itself, and we NEED you.

If I have left anything out, check out further information in future posts or in the comments section of this one.

Thank you so much, and I hope to work alongside YOU!

  • Edd

(Bart) #2

Hi @edward_holmes, is this a paid position? If not, then please move your message to the 'Lounge' forum.

(Ndrakey) #3

I would like to assist :smile: pm me if you are interested. I love insects and i like Monsters.