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Proof of Ownership required?

(Ryan K / Crackle2012) #1

Hello people of sketchfab, I hate for this to be my first post on these forums, but such is life.

I’ve recently received an E-mail from Sketchfab saying that “a few” of my models needed proof of ownership.

It did not specify which parts of any of the models needed them, or even which “models” needed proof.

I responded within an hour or two of getting the E-mail, and I’ve still heard nothing back. Now, after spending an entire day gathering all of my proof and what-not, I cannot even get a hold of anyone to try and make my case.

note: All “Three” of my models are for the tennogen program for the game Warframe. All three of the helmets on these models are mine, the base mesh of the bodies and the body textures in my particular case are “not” mine - they are property of Digital Extremes. This is stated below in the information on all of my models. They are free for “anyone” to download and use via the following website: —> Click Content Files and Examples.

@bartv I am really frustrated and would like to get to the bottom of this, as I love sketchfab, and would like to continue to use it, as I have done nothing wrong. I have over 60 Gigabytes of Z brush / Spainter and other files I can provide for my helmets if needed.

There are many other users who use Sketchfab for this same purpose (to showcase a custom helmet or a Syandana (scarf / cape) on the default body, and I’ve asked around, no one that I have asked (out of about 5 or 6 other tennogen creators) have ever received this type of warning.

Again, I apologize if this is not the correct way to go about this, but I’m just alittle bit irritated as I’m less than 3 days away from having my account closed, with no reply from anyone Via twitter, my E-mail, or even direct messaging some of the staff here.

I’m not angry at all! I would just like to get this issue resolved.

Thank you in advance :frowning:

(Ryan K / Crackle2012) #2

^^ This was solved!

Thank you to the sketchfab team for helping me quickly resolve my issue!

It is very much appreciated!

(Feel free to remove this post or just let it drown!)

Just didn’t want to leave it hanging there without any closure.