Proper GearVR URL

(Glasshandvr) #1

What's the proper URL to enable GearVR support for the select button on the headset?

https:// / models/ 6a17b5a76f5f46f6a0d586d855dc15c9/ embed?cardboard=1&autostart=1

(Alban) #2

You don't need a specific url, you need to enable WebVR on your Gear, and then go to from your gear browser, and then hit VR button on any model. More helpers here:

(Glasshandvr) #3

Haven't tried it yet but you should be able to create a Unity project that consists of a WebView as a way of creating a native GearVR app.

(Alban) #4

Yes that is (part of) the plan indeed :slight_smile: