Prototyping tanks. Lowpoly

(Constructidecepticon) #1

Hi guys

I am leaving here the first step of these models. Lowpoly shapes b4 chuck it at ZB.

Look dev of tanks. Lowpoly (2.5 K tris each). Balancing silhouette and functionality. Reimagining classic tanks models from the 2ond WW.
Part of a bigger project.

Prototyping tanks WIP by constructidecepticon on Sketchfab

C&c welcome


(Bart) #2

Your link was missing one number - fixed it :smile: Great to see you're starting a WIP here! I'm going to enjoy following that.

(Constructidecepticon) #3

Aww, the joys of posting from a phone! :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your help

(Bart) #4

I'm pretty impressed the forum works so well from a phone :smile:

Will you be posting more updates?