Publishing in Medical/Scientific journals

I work at UTSW Medical Center in the Radiology department as a medical illustrator. Part of my duties include creating 2d illustrations to support the faculty/residents/researchers in the department.
Many online journals now support animations in the form of movie files. I want to figure out if it’s possible to embed models into online articles. I believe I could have the authors include hyperlinks in their manuscripts, but it would definitely be more impactful if it appeared in the body of the article.
I am not sure how to bring this up to the various publishers, ie, Elsevier, Nature, Lancet, etc. I imagine it would be up to them to include the code on their end.
Has anyone had this conversation with publishers or can you tell me if its possible to embed models into a Word .doc?

Hello @emoore777 -

A Sketchfab embed is just like any other piece of HTML code and can be embedded in any web page, just like an image or youtube video.

Currently I am aware that both Taylor & Francis and Oxford University Press both support Sketchfab embeds in journal articles.

Bringing up the need / use case for 3D embeds with publishers sounds like a good idea - let us know if we can support this conversation in any way.