Pulled Out | Medieval Fantasy Contest - Cursed Village [WIP]


(Vel - Nickname) #1

I plan to make a village that has been cursed by a wizard they previously rejected to join their village due to fearing them. The wizard has cursed them to bring misfortune down on their village with multi-headed creatures that were said to be a myth.

(For me) List of Assets:


1 Baker.
1 Blacksmith.
5 Regular People.
1 Tailor.
10 Weapon Users.


2 Multi-headed Dogs.
2 Multi-headed Dragons.
2 Multi-headed Snakes.


1 Bakery.
1 Blacksmith.
1 Tailor.
8 Houses.
6 Shopping Stands.


1 Dirt Land.
25 Green Bushes.
10 Green Trees.
10 Orange Trees.
10 Red Trees.
10 Yellow Trees.


2 Axes.
2 Bows.
2 Daggers.
2 Spears.
2 Swords.

(Vel - Nickname) #2

I have to pull out of the contest. I just don't have enough time to model anything and I have some other things I need to focus more on. Not sure how to delete my thread but feel free to delete it since I pulled out of the contest.

(Bart) #3

Sorry to see you go! I'll remove it.

(Bart) #4