Pyramid Hologram Display - Camera Rotation


(3djohny) #1

Hello all sketchfab folks!

I am building this 4 Face pyramid Hologram display and I would love to be able to project sketchfab models in this.
Unfortunately the Viewer API is still pretty modest, but I think I could make it anyway.

I have 4 iframes of same model positioned top/right/bot/left and made them camera-synchronized via Api, but I have ran into problem that i dont know how to correctly rotate the camera lets say +1 degrees in Z axis - like the turntable animation. What units does setCameraLookAt uses and how to achieve for example front/side/back camera rotation?


(A Evar Gudmundsson) #2

Am looking for similar information, but for your case and in case it helps you should be able to point that camera at a fixed point in space which means your camera translation to the front,back,left,right should orient to the desired angle.

[0,0,0], <<< The position of the camera
[0,0,0], <<< The position of the point it's looking at
0, <<< this adds a time delay to transition your camera to the lookAt point, zero means it jumps there right away.
Hope this helps