Query before upgrading

(Nirmall) #1

have uploaded a few models on sketchfab and would like to upgrade to Pro, but before that i would want to know the following:-

  1. I render in keyshot, and i would want to import the same render with materials in sketchfab, is it possible to do so, if yes then how??
    2)If we are able to do the import in sketchfab, then how do i showcase the same model using sketchfab on my website?

Please let me know how the above can be done, so i can decide on the upgrade





  1. There’s no easy way to get Keyshot materials into Sketchfab. Typically, you need to bake these materials into new textures. What software are you using?

  2. You can embed Sketchfab models on your website just like a video: https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/203509907-Embed-Models

(Shaderbytes) #3

you cant import a renderer into sketchfab , it has its own renderer. Also Keyshot is an offline renderer and sketchfab is not so you cant expect similar results. Sketchfab is a realtime renderer and so it needs to render the entire scene many many times per second. This comes at a price of coarse so all realtime renderers use many approximations and downgraded mathematical tricks to get the job done quickly.

As @james mentioned the trick you can use is to uv unwrap the model and render your various textures offline and then on sketchfab your materials can be set to use these “pre rendered” textures.

There is no one click solution to this problem , no sketchfab account type or keyshot account type will change that. You simply need to educate yourself about the basics of real time rendering , baking textures , uv mapping etc…