Quest 2 controller mapped upside down when used with Oculus link cable

Hey all,

Im viewing my model in VR with an Oculus quest headset. When I view it wirelessly through the Oculus browser the controller is depicted in the correct orientation (although the controller model is different than the actual Quest 2 controller) but when I then view the same model with the Quest 2 using the Oculus link cable the controller mapping is inverted, so if I want to teleport around the model I have to hold the controller upside down and use my thumb to press the teleport button. Is there any way I can fix this or is it a bug that I need to report to the Sketchfab team?

I couldn’t reproduce using latest firefox “openXR” oculus bet, and steam VR (beta),

Could you describe the settings you use to display VR in oculus link ?

I’m using Google Chrome as the browser, and in the Oculus desktop app I have allowed unknown sources to run while the quest 2 is linked. I haven’t actually tried using Firefox instead of Chrome. I’ll try that later on and update back here if anything is different

Apologies- I thought I sent that last reply yesterday!
But anyway I did try using Firefox to view the same model via Oculus link cable and the controller mapping was fine. So I think the problem only comes up when you try to use Chrome as the browser.

Thanks, so the problem comes with “chrome + webxr + oculus”
Have to find how to make “chrome + webxr + oculus” to be able to reproduce and debug
(here it launches steam)