(Becca) #1

Before I start the production log I would just like to say that I am a student so if someone sees something wrong with my model or has a suggestion with a better way of something please let me know as I am hoping to improve my skills!

Now onto the first entry of my WIP log for the Mad Science competition, I created the room which will become the lab, revered the normals and created a platform in the room.

(Becca) #2

So over the last hour I have been working on the main features of the lab, the most obvious addition being the laser, I added these onto a separate layer to grant me easy access to these assets.

(Becca) #3

Today I have continued on working on the little bits and pieces of the lab, I included a window for the laser to aim out of (lets face it you wouldn't aim that thing at your own wall) and just little pieces to drive the mad scientist theme home. It would be a lot easier to see everything if it was textured which is my next step yay!

(Theedstar1) #4

Holy wow your already this far in just six hours you must be some wizard I'm so excited to see this piece in the end

(Becca) #5

Thank you, just about to continue working on it. However like I said I am a student (and a first year at that) so I may be producing quickish but I don't know the software well enough so I bet there are most effective ways of achieving what I am trying to do. Again, thank you for having a look at my lab:-).

(Becca) #6

Yay, been working more on this lab, I'm really enjoying this its good fun. I've put some placeholder textures on the models until I find/make some that are more fitting. If anyone knows a place that does royalty free textures I'd love to hear about it!

Anyways heres some pictures

Oooh even included a fancy-dancy rendered out view this time, as you can see I've tried to make the laser the main focus of the room, if anyone has any suggestions what I can do to improve I'd love to hear them!:smile:

(Becca) #7

Waahoo I've finally got it textured (and some parts normal mapped), as you can probably see texturing isn't my speciality. I am hoping to teach myself UV mapping over the summer but until then I can only texture using shaders. Anyway here is a screen shot of the finished thing.

I don't think its too bad to say that I am still learning, again if anyone has any pointers on how to improve please feel free to let me know!:smiley:

I will upload the fbx to my profile if anybody is interested in having a closer look.

EDIT - I will upload tomorrow as I need to make some fixes to the model.

(Theedstar1) #8

I AM DEFINATELY INTERESTED I HOPE this notification doesn't pass me by ill be waiting eagerly .......... so excited and on that note .......

(Simon Kratz) #9

Hi @BringMeTheBecca,
nice progress! If you're struggling with texturing maybe you want to try achieving a look that doesn't depend on textures that much. Telling from your current style of modeling maybe a more comic type of look with flat colors or subtle gradients is an option? You can also achieve a lot with just lighting to get a proper atmosphere and do some coloring of the surfaces in the end.
Using textures from the web always bears the risk of making it look like a patchwork. But if you find a good ressource maybe it's not a problem :smile:

(Becca) #10

Thank you for that, I normally use toon shading but I found out maya doesn't like exporting that as an fbx so trying to model something cartoony using only edited textures is kind of out my comfort zone, still thanks for the advice!:smiley:

(Theedstar1) #11

Heres some tips for you on how to export your textures

And then heres some tips on how to export your textures and fix file wif movement and so forth correctly

Hope this sorta helps out

(Becca) #12

Thank you I will have a look at these when I get chance too!

(Bart) #13

Welcome on board! Don't forget to subscribe to the contest updates thread to receive a notification when we have news to share.

PS: I wasn't entirely clear in the blogpost, but the #mad-science-wip tag was meant for the model uploads and not for the forum posts. You can remove it if you want :smile:

(Becca) #14

Update: I have had to redo the entire building due to clipping issues I'm sorry I havent uploaded yet but at the same time I'm glad this has happened as it's let me learn more about modelling buildings which is something I've never done properly before!

The final model should be done hopefully today about 5pm UK time!

But until then here's a cheeky screenshot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Becca) #15


I have uploaded my model to my account

Here is a very conveniently placed link if you want to have a nosey:

QUEST FOR WORLD DOMINATION #mad-science-2016 by Becca Culshaw on Sketchfab

Thank you for all your feedback and just checking out this post!

(Alexh1) #16

If I could give you a tip, it would be on the glossiness/specular maps. It's way too shiny. For example, the cushion on your chair, you computer screen and the metal/plastic parts on the chair all have the same level of Glossiness. Even for a cartoon-ish scene, it's better to have some diversity in your shaders. More pleasant to look at. I must say, I still have trouble getting the right shaders in Sketchfab, so it's really trial and error. Never leave anything at 100%, except if it's a mirror.
Another thing, I hate empty spaces. I always pack up my scenes with tons and tons of props and accessories to give it more life. It takes double the time to set everything right, but I never regretted it. If I was you, I'd fill my scene a little more. You have this big counter with almost nothing on it. Science labs have a lot to offer: computers, scientific instruments, tools, etc. And when the counter is filled, you go on with the floors, then with the walls, then with the celling even. The more the better as long as you keep the same quality everywhere. Though that's just me, you may want to take the more minimalistic route, and that's perfectly fine too.
Overall great scene, it's great to see another student in the best field of work ever.

(Becca) #17

Thank you for pointing out how shiny it is I never realised that, I'm still new to sketchfab so I'm still working everything out as it looked fine in maya, I'll have to go back in and try to fix it a little! Thanks so much for your feedback :blush:

(Theedstar1) #18

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH its about to be the end of the world if that thing gets fully charged ha ha ha ha ha ha i love love love the idea great job great job !

(Theedstar1) #19

Wow thanks for the tips man ill use these tips in my works

(Simon Kratz) #20

NIce job so far!
Is it final or do you plan to polish it a bit more? You still have plenty of time :wink:
Also I noticed you had the tag "mad-science-2016" in your model's name but didn't set it as a tag.
you should do so to make sure the judges find it.

It should appear in this search if done correctly: