[Question] 3DS Max "Vertex Painting" ⇨ SketchFab

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I am working on an island in 3ds max, comprised of most of the assets my studio has made over the past three years, and am trying to set up our terrain textures on the modeled terrain. I can do this through vertex painting in 3ds max and blending the textures in a single material; however, my problem is that I cannot export the non-standard "blend" material out into an FBX. I can export the vertex paint information as seen below.

Sketchfab detects the two sets of UV's, but doesn't accept more than one material, thus I cannot have more than one. The long way around this is manually UVing the entire island; however, I wouldn't achieve the blending look I want between grass, sand, dirt, etc.

Here's an example of a single plain with vertex information.

Any idea?


Hmm. I'm afraid someone with more 3ds Max experience than me will be best to help. But we do support multiple materials in general.

@klaasnienhuis do you know about this?

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Even though sketchfab supports multiple materials, it doesn't support multiple materials on a single object. That excludes any type of compound, blend or composite material. Try to look at it this way: how would you manually recreate that material in sketchfab? There's a pbr material, it won't work.
What you can do is set it up in 3dsMax, bake out multiple channels and use these textures in a single pbr material. You'll probably end up with larger textures though.