Question about coloured lighting (raytracing possible?)

Dear all,

I have a model of a monastery that I’m trying to improve. I want to add a stained glass window to the front of it, light it from inside, set the scene as night time, so that the different colours on the window project different coloured light onto the floor outside teh building.

I’ve been experimenting with the lighting and different texture types in sketchfab and as far as i can tell, it is possible to pass light through transparent surfaces (of course) aka tpyical window. But as far as i know it is not possible for the light rays to be influenced bu the colour of the glass and therefore cast a different coloured light as light refracts through the glass and onwards.

I’ve tried for a while but i see a warning which looks like it might indicate this limitation.

Am i right?

Id just like to point out also, i know my model only has 1 coloured window in the example ive linked (blue transparent) but I have tried with different colours for sure.

thanks for any help, I seem to have the same issue with Lumion renderer (perhaps i am expecting too much)?

kind regards.

I don’t think that real time rendering can do it (Not yet).
What you could do is fake it like they do it in the video game industry. Add couple of lights around the lit area and make a texture of a Godrays coming out or something like it
I am sure with Real Time Raytrace it will be possible soon :wink:

I think I understand you.

Have to say I don’t want visible rays of light as such, just to be able to see the tinted colour on the ground surface below.

As you say, it can be faked.
Have you got any good tutorials for that method you mentioned?

Ps - I tried this sand thing with Lumion renderer and it cannot be done with that either.

I will try unreal engine next.

I would say Google is your friend. Try searching for night scene light tutorials. Also, its just basically putting “Spot” lights on the ground and making an effect

Yep, it’s not possible at the moment to have light interact with colored transparent objects.