Question about Standard License for Illustrations and Comics


I read the EULA but still have questions. I also have been trying to find some answers in the forum about the terms and rules of what I can and can’t do when purchasing a model registered under a standard license. And I got a couple of questions and hope I finally get some answers.

  • Now I am wondering, if can I distribute purchased 3D Models (commercially) for my comic, animation or Illustration?

For example, if I purchase a house model and use that house model in my own context for a 2D art form such as a comic…Can I do that or is that breaking any of the rules?

  • And what about selling illustrations I painted as a print, that contain some purchased 3d models. Am I allowed to do that, since I am not distributing the 3D file itself?

To bring back the example I gave before. Can I use the house model for an Illustration by placing it in scenery such as a landscape I painted?

Now I’m asking these questions since I planned to create a fictional town (by combining and using different types of house models I purchased) for my comic, but I just don’t know if that’s permissible or not…

Another question I have is: Can I combine parts of the purchased models with other purchased model parts and modify them as much as I want?

I appreciate any input, thank you!

Hi there,

thanks for the great questions.

Obviously, I’m not a lawyer but since it seems like you are using the purchased model in a larger piece (derivative work) where it’s only one element of the art standard license will cover these use cases both in 2d art and illustration - even when you monetize and distribute your final work. As far as models are not downloadable by your customers you should be all good.

Regarding the last question - you can modify and combine purchased models as much as you need to - but if it’s an art that’s created without your original work and just features purchased models as a centerpiece that would not be permitted. It must be a derivative work for the license to cover you.

I hope this helps and feel free to reach out at any time if you have any follow up questions at


hi, thanks for the replay! So just to make it clear again, creating a town full of purchased buildings would be alright as long as I add my own original “artistic” touch to it correct?

but if it’s an art that’s created without your original work and just features purchased models as a centerpiece that would not be permitted.

Does this mean I can’t use a house/furniture model as my main characters home? Since this would require me to draw and illustrate a lot of establishing shots of the house, which would make it a centerpiece. Or is it still covered by the standard license as long as I add my own originality to it such as the environment (Painted trees, streets, sky, etc.)?

I am sorry for asking so many questions, I just wanted to be completely sure!

thank you so much again


yes since the model is just a part of environment you created this would be perfectly OK.

This is derivative work


this helped me a lot,thank you : )

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Happy to hear it!

Here if you have any other questions.

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I’m not a lawyer either, but If you want to use pictures from other sources, the standard license should cover everything. But using royalty-free pics can help you avoid problems in the future. But there’s a trick if you still want to use some part of the picture. You can simply remove the background of it and this may help you to avoid any problems. Of course, I can’t guarantee that it’s gonna work, but at least you can try. For such purposes, you can definitely use the background remover or any tool with similar features. But getting a royalty-free image would be a better decision, imho.