Question about XBox Kinect and/or photogrammetry related to scanning a particular object


I need to create a 3D model of the following part which is roughly 70" long:

What is the best way for me to go about creating a 3D model of this object that has all the detail of the actual object? There is a mesh on the backside that I will remove.

Can a Kinect and/or photogrammetry achieve this if I really take my time and cover every square mm of the object? What is the cheapest route to achieve a quality outcome?

Basically I need a 3D model so I can chop it up and redesign a segment for an air intake. After that I’d be looking into recreating it again via fiberglass or having it 3D printed for purposes of making a fiberglass version. The angles and everything are very important as the final product needs to be reinstalled back to the factory location.

Pretty new to this realm of fabrication. Could really use a little advice. Don’t really have the money to dump into a large amount of R&D. I mostly have to get all of that done via the internet (as much as possible).

Any replies are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Hello, Didymus
To answer your question in short, yes photogrammetry can absolutely do this for you though the Kinect isn’t really the tool for this.
After having experimented a lot with the Kinect v1 and V2 for windows workflows some good results can be achieved but it struggles with hard surfaces and small details because the resolution output is just 640x480.
Your average phone (and your phone will work perfectly fine for this) shoots images between 3290x2800 up to about 11608x8708 sized images so just on the numbers you can see why photogrammetry would have more fine details in the results.

There are several free & paid software’s for pc based photogrammetry, but there are also mobile phone solutions such as polycam, or apple object capture that may allow you to use your phone (depending on type) to create these scans for free or at a very low cost.

Sketchfab has a great post about how to take the photos and the cleanup.
Sketchfab Community Blog - » How to set up a successful photogrammetry project Sketchfab Community Blog - » How to retopologize 3D scans into low poly game assets

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