Question on 64bit Plugin type for Lightwave 3d

Dear Support

Thanks to the wonderful tool that explores the 3d world.Good work and keep going.
Right now I’m uploading and viewing model in the sketchfab site.
I cannot upload directly from my Lightwave 3d software.

File format is .lws (lightwave scene file ) File size is below 1 mb.
After long time upload I’m receiving this error. “Connection timed out.”

My question is whether my computer having any network or permission problem?
What is the next step
Kindly let me know.


Hmmm. Has the plugin worked for you before? Does uploading manually on Sketchfab work?

It might be a network/firewall issue, I’m not sure.

Hi James, Thanks for your response.
No. This is the first time I’ve tried with the plugin.
Yes. I have no problem by uploading manually. It works great.
You might be right that network issues are there.
I’ll contact my support here and then come back to you.

Thanks again.