Question on the structure of object, material and annotations

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Hi, a simple question for make it clear the structure of a sketcfab model from the api.
a sketchfab model is composite from "objects/nodes" each object has "materials" and each materials has "annotations" ?

I'm asking because i succesfully add a texture to "material objects" with the method "api.addTexture" but i need to add/set a texture starting from a "object/node" selected from the returned list of the method "api.getNodeMap" and i need to learn (understand) the relations between node and material for doing that.

Ty in advance for any help.


@shaderbytes and @klaasnienhuis have a lot of experience with this.

Annotations are unrelated to the geometry nodes and materials.

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ty very much for the clarification , just a little lost on the start.

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Hi together,

is it possible to create multiple materials for one mesh in the 3DSettings an then set it with the viewer API? Even if the materials aren't used?
My idea is to have a material catalogue which I can choose from by the correct Material Name.

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You can use hidden objects with the materials you need in your catalogue. See api.hide in the documentation.