Question: "restricted" vs. "unacceptable" content

I just re-read the TOS and Restricted Content definitions, but I’d still like to ask you:

We’re experimenting with capturing live action models in “kinbaku” – Japanese bondage.
(Meaning, tying a person up for either aesthetic, emotionally intense or sexual purposes, or some or all combined. For a short intro and a visual, see e.g.

In any case, I’d label the scenes/models as “restricted” because of possibly sexual associations.
I do hope that our planned settings, our technique of capture and the medium itself would prevent the scenes from being unintentionally seen as “pornography”.
But to an uninformed observer the point of “promoting physical harm to individuals” might be of concern, since kinbaku practice does not have the strong artistic associations in western cultures compared to its origin culture.

Apart from the issue how well our captures go, and how abstract-artistic they turn out in the end anyway:
How do you think you would handle this?
Or would you like an upload or two to look at first?

Thank you very much in advance!

As per our terms, this kind of content would be categorized as unacceptable: