Question to all who post 3d scans of people

(Tawdry) #1

Just wondering how many have releases from the people posted on this site to display their likeness and allow commercial use of said likeness

Like to use some of the models in a commercial project but not sure how legal that would be..


(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi there! It really depends on the type of licence specified on the model page. This is only visible if the model is downloadable amyway.
Afaik some users require attribution but allow commercial use.
If a model is not downloadable I'm afraid you have to ask the respwctive uploader individually and discuss any questions of licencing (or just assume he doesn't allow it :smile: )

(Tawdry) #3

Yea i am only referring to ones that are downloadable and have commercial use allowed. I have seen some of celebrities like Johnny Depp etc who have commercial use allowed obviously i don't believe that to be true but its harder to know the truth when dealing with images of average everyday folks.So a downdoadable and commercial use allowed is only as good as the honesty or knowledge of the person posting