Question: Why is Metashape Pro upload "Final Render" Dark but "Base Color" Looks OK?

Hey! Why is my Metashape Pro upload very dark when uploaded to sketchfab, but the base color looks like what I think I want it to look like?

I uploaded all three files that exported from Metashape. Any advice?

It’s dark because of the specific lighting you’ve setup in the scene (hence why the base version looks fine, since it’s unlit). You can actually see that the back of your sign is much better lit as that’s where the light from the environment you’re using is coming from.

So you either need to adjust the lighting setup your using or switch to using Shadeless rendering (General > Shading > Shadeless).

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You should also disable Vertex Colors in this case because it’s mixing a dark layer with the texture. I did both for you on that model.

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