Questions about more than 100 text model

Hello i am from taiwan
I uploaded a model
But when he was in 3D Setting, some textures were directly missing and turned into Merged Textures

It’s also not possible to edit the material of a single model.

Is the upper limit material picture of Sketchfab 99?

Will it be automatically merged if it exceeds 99?

Already in Mamoset Toolbag and meshmixer and blender and
The .mtl file has been checked

The way the material is named is not repeated

I tried to read this but it didn’t solve the problem

I have tried the following answer to solve the problem and it is the same

Hi there,

We totally support multiple parts, each with their own texture/UV maps. Just make sure they are separated into uniquely named materials.

That said, we had a bug that was incorrectly merging materials. This has been fixed-can you try again?

FBX and OBJ (+ MTL) with textures will be the most reliable.

Yes, the upper limit on Materials is 100. If you exceed this limit, some merging does occur. You can read about the details here: