Quick Tip: Add hyperlinks to your annotations

(Bart) #1

Did you know you can add hyperlinks to annotations? I used it in the example below to link from one model on Sketchfab to another, and create a virtual journey that way. Of course, you can also link to other websites smile

Who is going to build the first virtual museum on Sketchfab with this?

My workspace #3DST31 by Bart on Sketchfab

(Jon Russell) #2

Hi Bart, great work. Is there anyway to modify this so that I can create a hyperlink but display it as 'Read more...'. I basically want the user to click on 'Read more...' then get taken to the URL.

(Bart) #3

Yes, definitely - Annotations support Markdown formatting:

(Kerwink) #4

@bartv Bart, is there any special formatting required when entering the hyperlink text into the annotation? Hyperlinks are not working within my annotations.

(Kerwink) #5

I discovered the answer to my question… it is “YES”. HTML code is required in order for a hyperlink to work within an annotation. In my case, I had some text within an annotation, and then added a URL… and it essentially then just treated it as some additional text.

SUMMARY: If you are having problems getting a hyperlink to work within an annotation… delete all existing text, and then copy and paste in your desired URL. After you then save and exit the annotation… it will then autogenerate the proper HTML code, and you should then see something like this: “

<a rel=“nofollow noopener noreferrer” target=”_blank"href=“http://xyz.com/”>http://xyz.com/



Valid URLs should be automatically turned into hyperlinks. But if you want to make links with text, you need to use markdown.


[my link](https://sketchfab.com)

should become

my link