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Quick Tip: Adding supporting files to your ZIP upload


(Bart) #1

If you’re uploading your models to Sketchfab in a ZIP file, you can add additional material to them! For example, you could add a PDF with information about your project.

If you've used this, share a link to your model below!

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(Paul Sketch) #2

Note that you can additional 3D file format file in the upload zip.
For instance, you can add a a Minecraft mcr, so that you can share a Minecraft World with other using sketchfab !


Yep, great tip for including additional download formats, and most 3D files compress really efficiently, so you can still stay under your 50 / 200 / 500 MB limit.

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(Andy lewis) #4

Cool! Where does, for instance, a PDF appear on the model page? Are there any restrictions on file types? Is there any way too allow download of one but not another??

My mind is racing over here!! smiley




(Bart) #5

There will be just one download link on the page that links to the original zip file that you have uploaded. Individual contents are not displayed, I'm afraid.

(Andy lewis) #6

Thanks Bart,

Good to know

(Toco Gamescom) #7

Would be nice to be able to only share selected files. I have my "Whole World" piece on Thingiverse for 3D printing, 3 versions as the .stl printing format. I would like to only make those download able here. I feel not comfortable sharing the source with the texture since I had stuff of me popping up on Turbosquid before. Texture colored printing would not work with hobby grade printers anyway and .stl files can't be used for anything else then printing really.

(Bart) #8

Yeah I get your point. At this moment, all I can recommend is to upload the STL files separately and then provide a link to them in the model description.