Quick Tip: Embedding Sketchfab models on your WordPress blog


(Bart) #1

Out of the box, WordPress does not support Sketchfab. Fortunately it's easy to fix that: just install a plugin to help you. I have two options for you:

Option 1: the official Sketchfab plugin

Our plugin adds a WordPress shortcode. Just insert it and copy the model ID into it:

[sketchfab id=""]

You can download the Sketchfab WordPress plugin at:

Option 2: oEmbed support

Rami Yushuvaev's plugin adds oEmbed support to the WordPress editor. If you're wondering what that is: it allows you to paste a Sketchfab model URL into the editor and it will automatically expand into our viewer (similar to YouTube videos, for example).

You can download the Sketchfab oEmbed plugin at:

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