Quick Tip: First person navigation


(Bart) #1

Did you know Sketchfab has two navigation modes? In addition to the default 'Orbit' navigation you can also switch to 'First person'. Use it to walk around in a model, but be careful: we don't detect collisions so you can still walk through walls smile

You'll find more information about navigation options in our Help Center.

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(Jhs) #2

1stPerson Mode:
Intuitive i would recommend that the viewer is not "walking" in the direction he is looking. Instead there should be keys (or the mousewheel) to float up and down. If you want to explore a scene you want (IMO) to walk on a specific height and look around while walking. Now it´s like you have to center the view before walking, elsewise you clip through the mesh-floor for example. It doesn´t feel like walking, more like flying.

(Bart) #3

That makes sense, I'll pass it along. Thanks!

(Edsahergom) #4

Hello, i was wondering how first person works in mobile or if there is a way to use the viewer api to link some buttons to simulate the arrows in keyboard. Thanks.

(Misan) #5

I too think some help is needed so mobile VR experience can improve for certain applications. For example, if you want to see a simulated room with furniture, just rotating the headset works well but zoom in and out could be convenient (maybe trough a set of keystrokes).

However, if you are showing a new car model user is not interested on the room but on the car, so a way of rotating the object could come in handy (again some keystrokes on a bluetooth remote can be a good choice).


On mobile, using VR mode with a headset like Google Cardboard is probably a better solution than First Person mode.

(Misan) #7

Thanks @james. I did not know about Teleport mode. It seems it could work for my purpose.