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Quick tip for modeling skin-tight clothes in blender



So I recently have gone through the struggle of modeling clothes for a character.
When they are skin-tight, it's such a pain to adjust all the vertices right so that they don't clip the character, but aren't too far away too.

After some research, the Shrinkwarp modifier was recommended. But most people still need to adjust the mesh of the clothes after that because it doesn' work properly.

I experimented around a little and found a modifier setup that works perfectly for the stuff I have been trying it for.

With this setup you only need to care that the vertices of your low-poly mesh for the clothes are outside of the model you are fitting the clothes on.

The modifiers for the mesh of the clothes are in the order as followed. (Settings I didn't mention are left default):

  1. Mirror modifier, clipping enabled

  2. Subdivision Surface Modifier,
    1 subdivision

  3. Shrinkwarp modifier,
    Target [Your Target], Offset 0.01 (Offset is important, a different value might work better for you)

  4. Another Subdivision Surface Modifier,
    2 subdivisions

  5. Solidify modifier,
    Thickness 0.005

This is the setup in action. As you can see, extremely low-poly basemesh, no corrections needed afterwards. Even in comlicated areas like between the legs there are no comlications.

For the mods: Sorry if this topic is unfit for this website or the area, no problem if you remove this because you don't want to have stuff like that here.

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It doesn't hurt to post tips. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: