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Quick Tip: Improve your model description layout with Markdown


(Bart) #1

The model description and annotations now support Markdown, a simple markup language. With Markdown you can add proper hyperlinks, bullet lists and even embed images, like on this model:

Read more about our Markdown support here:

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How to add an image to the model description?
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(Calidos) #2

I uploaded new model:
and I would like to include an image on the description.
I used this HTML and image not appears:
or this:

or this:" /

Please, could you help?

josep giribet


Hi Josep,

You'll need to use Markdown:

(Calidos) #4

OK, now it's right.
Thank you very much.


(Bart) #5

@Calidos it might also be worth scaling your images down a bit - they're over 4MB each, and as they'll only be displayed on thumbnail resolution that's wasting a LOT of bandwidth (and download time for your viewers)

(Calidos) #6

Hi Bart,
the link to the image in sketchfab makdown is this:

so image is very small, just 137K.

josep giribet

(Yannick Deharo) #7

Hi, I revive this topic because it’s about markdown (should I have created a new topic instead ?).

My question : I have two images side by side and I use the following Markdown code :

[![](]( "English version")[![](]( "Version française")

The result is this :

The problem occurs when I put it into an annotation. I don’t know why, but a space appears between my two gifs.
Is it impossible to prevent this space between images in an annotation ?

Thank you !


Looks like we add a 1px border around markdown-rendered images. @mauricesvay @arthurjamain we could probably safely remove that?