Quick Tip: Improving the lighting of your 3D scanned models


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For most 3D scans, switching to 'Shadeless' shading will result in a much brighter, more lifelike result. As they already have light 'baked' in, any additional shading usually results in darker objects with less pronounced colors.

Compare these two results from the Hautefort village in France by Gerpho:

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(The Robots Are Coming) #3

Hi Bart,

Thanks for that! It DOES make quite a difference!

Is there a way that I can set this across all of the scans that I've uploaded already, or as the default setting for future uploads?

Kind regards,


(Bart) #4

Afraid not at this moment, although we do have some ideas for batch editing on our wishlist.

(Ayrtongoemaere) #5

Great feature!
Thanks for the info!


I noticed this thread doesn't mention how to set Shadeless permanently. This can be done from the Scene tab in 3D Settings: