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Quick Tip: Sharing your models on Facebook


(Bart) #1

Sharing your Sketchfab models on Facebook is SO easy that you might not be able to figure it out smile

As we're properly integrated with Facebook, all you need to do is to copy the URL of your Sketchfab model and paste it into your new Facebook message. That's all! It will automatically expand into our gorgeous viewer (to see the message on Facebook, click here):

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Bonus tips:

  • After the preview is loaded, you can remove the URL text from the if necessary to make a prettier post
  • Sometimes the full preview might not appear to load before posting. Usually, submitting the post and refreshing will show it correctly (i.e. other people will see it correctly, too)
  • If it's still not right, try refreshing Facebook's cache for that link.

(Bart) #3

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