Quick Tip: Watch your models in VR on a Cardboard


(Bart) #1

Do you own a Cardboard VR viewer? Then just visit any Sketchfab model, hit the VR button, put the phone in your cardboard and enjoy viewing it in real 3D!

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(Tojek Vfx) #2

This VR for stereoscopic viewing in Sketchfab is a great idea, and I am very happy you have added this. It works great with my old iPhone5 viewing with Chrome browser. I am curious in knowing at what distance do you place your two cameras to make the stereo effect. Are they about 6.3cm apart? That is the Interocular distance, or IOD. Changing this can strongly affect the perceived scale of the scene. That would be a great setting to let the artist set during 3D setup.

Also, what is the camera position? Are they always parallel, or do they angle toward each other to intersect at some focus distance? This distance would be another easy variable for artist to set.

Either way, this is a great new feature, and will make your website an early realtime VR goto place. I think it works great with these little diorama environments.

Jardim Botanico - Portal of Fine Arts Academy by tojek_vfx on Sketchfab

(Stephomi) #3

@tojek_vfx Thanks.

The iod is 6.4 for now (basically it's coming from the oculus dk2 presets).
Currently, we don't know yet what option will be tweakables or not by our users, we need to investigate what parameters make sense to tweak (meaning that is independant of the VR devices).

However, for the VR to be working correctly, it's very important that your model has a scale of 1 (meaning 1 meter is 1 unit).

Currently, our VR support is basic but we plan on polishing/fixing/improving it regularly.