Race Cars models

(Ahurig) #1

Hi guys,

I was looking for a Race Cars thread that could allow us to share our latest models and discuss about it.

As I did not find any (I did a quick search) I decided to create this thread here!

So I invite you to post, comment, share, critic our race cars artworks smile
I will begin with 2 of mine.
The Ferrari F2012 and the Mclaren MP4 27. I previously posted them but I recently decided to make the cars fully PBR. It looks way better.

Ferrari F2012 - PBR by Maxence Leret d'Aubigny on Sketchfab

Mclaren MP4 27 - PBR by Maxence Leret d'Aubigny on Sketchfab

What do you guys think?

Your turn to show your artworks smile

(Bart) #2

Great idea! Have you invited some other artists to this thread too?

(Ahurig) #3

Yep, I just did it wink

(Excalibur) #4

Hello Maxence!

Thanks for the link to this thread! Nice cars!

Unfortunately, I didn't get the time to upload all my past or current F1 models but here are some of them:

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[url=https://sketchfab.com/models/df88f145a81845e7b6f790dfa645f3a1]McLaren Honda MP4-30[/url] by Excalibur on Sketchfab

[url=https://sketchfab.com/models/d62a7b6392c64f56b278d37d46ac5914]Lotus E23 Barcelona[/url] by Excalibur on Sketchfab

(Excalibur) #5

Ferrari F14 T by Excalibur on Sketchfab

McLaren Honda MP4-30 by Excalibur on Sketchfab

F1 Sauber C34 by Excalibur on Sketchfab

Lotus E23 Barcelona by Excalibur on Sketchfab

(Excalibur) #6

Last work: McLaren MP4-30, revised livery. Monaco! I hope that you will like it!

McLaren Honda MP4-30 , revised livery. by Excalibur on Sketchfab

(Ahurig) #7

Nice model, again!

I took the time to make the redbull RB8 fully PBR. I can't get enough of bringing my older models to better look smile

Redbull RB8 - PBR by Maxence Leret d'Aubigny on Sketchfab

(Excalibur) #8

Very nice work! wink

(Ahurig) #9

Thx :smile: Anything new on your side?
I'm working on a lowlpoly scene with the F1 2000!

(Excalibur) #10

I am looking for your next creations :wink:

On my side, after the last F1 2015 updates, I made the Haas F1 livery used by the team for practice pitstops (not released yet) and a concept livery for Renault F1 Team 2016

But the car is not very optimized for Sketchfab:

Renault F1 2016 - Fantasy livery by Excalibur on Sketchfab

(Ahurig) #11

I saw it! Pretty nice!
Still working on my F1 scene. (so much work that I can go further quicker)

(Excalibur) #12

This F1 scene is fantastic! Great work! :grinning:

I really like the Ferrari position on kerb limits and the focus applied.

... It just need a tarmac on the scene and a background. But for me, it is very nice, yet! :wink:

(Ahurig) #13

Hehe cool you love it!

I think I got the work done for the Arrows. Will need a pilot and a Steer but it will come after.

Test-Arrows by Maxence Leret d'Aubigny on Sketchfab

Now I will work on the scenery!

(Excalibur) #14

Very nice Arrows! Congrats! :wink:

Here is the McLaren Honda MP4-31:

McLaren Honda MP4-31 by Excalibur on Sketchfab

(Ahurig) #15

Wow cool! You already did the new model.
That's quite speed :smile:

Congrats! I would work a bit more on the Tyre material inside the Sketchfab player to make it more gummy :wink:
Are you already on the Ferrari or Merc?

(Excalibur) #16

Hi Maxence!

Thank you. This is just a beta version, though. I need to improve the nose cone.
You are right about the tyres. They doesn't look as good as into my renders or in game. But it looks better with the PBR renderer option, like on the Sauber C34B, 2016 livery.

Sauber C34B 2016 livery by Excalibur on Sketchfab

The Mercedes W07 and the Ferrari SF16-H are currently built by my team mates from RSCT Modding Group. If they accept, I will try to upload them when finished.
For the moment, I concentrate myself on the Renault RS16 and Williams FW38 :wink:

What about you? What are your next projects? :grinning:

(Excalibur) #17

F1 Williams FW38 by Excalibur on Sketchfab

(Johnson Martin) #18

Awesome models guys! Have you thought of adding a drop shadow beneath the cars in the Sketchfab scenes? Kind of like this:

Pbr Fiat Punto Gt by KMiklas on Sketchfab

I think it would really add to the scenes.

(Ahurig) #19

Oh yeah awesome work! Did not know that you were part of a team! That's great.
So that's cars for GP4? I did some cars back in the days too. Was really fun to mod the game. Tried a bit to change the tracks too.

(Ahurig) #20

Yeah I had a drop shadow on nearly every model I uploaded. It's a basic. The Arrows is still a private test model so I did not take time to include a ground shadow :wink: