Rain animation problem


(Zale) #1

https://sketchfab.com/models/73e934b3e8bd4a449ed35a64f86a8349 (static model)

I’m trying to animate this scene, i used the blender particle system to make the rain and the spashes on the ground, then I converted the particles to mesh (with keyframe animation) using a script, the animation doesn’t work on Sketchfab, it only show a few second in the middle (the birds animation was shown correctly), is there a keyframes limit?
The rain has tons of autogenerated keyframe (as you can see in the video) and every single tear or plash is a plane (+/- 1000) but I don’t think that this can be a problem because I saw models with 100k or more faces running smoothly.
is there a way to fix this problem? Or even better, do you have any suggestion about how to make an animated rain compatible with Sketchfab?

(animated model)