Rainy Modular Trim Sheet Cyberpunk City Diorama - My latest work

(Skyeshark) #1

I spent the weekend doing this for fun and as trim sheet practice. I had originally only planned the sheet to be used with the main building modular sections, but added the balcony, the antenna, the chimney, the holo-signs, the art piece, the street light, the benches, the road and the floor after the fact. This was really fun to make! I definitely want to do more work like this, its amazing how much use you can get out of trim sheets in ways that weren’t even planned for initially.

(Skyeshark) #2

I’m still polishing it and adding more assets to it using the same trim sheet. I need to work on the rain drop splashes to get them to appear more random. Additionally, I’m considering adding some hanging wires between the buildings.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other assets I could add to the scene that I could UV to the same trimsheet?