Random Black Planes appear on model during import

Im trying to import a model on sketchfab with animations and I notice a black line on the mesh. Im also sending a reference image of what the line looks like. the image on the left is what the model looks like on the 3Dview when I try to edit the 3d settings. the image on the right is what the model looks like on windows 3D Viewer. I’ve properly weight painted and tested the animations on blender and made sure that there are no vertices that have not been properly assigned to bones I can also confirm that the model is ok in Unity can I ask for some assistance on this? I have not uploaded the model yet because Im using a free sketchfab account to my understanding there is an upload limit of 1 model per month and I dont want to waste this month’s upload.

I think this is being caused by a few N-gons (shapes with more than 4sides) in your geometry. If you go into the Matcap view on your upload, you can easily follow the elongated lines back to a broken 5 sided face in the mouth of your skull (there’s also a 2nd one from the skull on the handle of the sword).

If you triangulate or split this face, hopefully that should solve the problem :+1:

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