RATATOUILLE for the win!

Something in the kitchen…

There I booked it … no one else may use it :wink:



Good to see you here Ian :slight_smile:

Can’t wait! I love that movie.

Thanks Guys

First wip update :

Obviously I watched the whole movie again so everything is fresh in my mind. From there I mapped out the floor plan and general layout. I have also started to work on the main cooking stations.

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Another update and first rendering test. I did the floor and wall brick textures and built the skylights for lighting. Also saved some presets for post rendering composite to get the style similar to the movie.


Wow time is running out and I left too much for too late… Im still gonna try do this thing , I worked some more on it today, here is just a low sample render of a posed character , didn’t want to waste too much time rendering.


Nice kitchen!

@marchermitte thanks :slight_smile:

Two more characters added, pastry chef and sous-chef and some more lights and stuff , low sample render again. I need to get these characters done so I can paint their faces and then flush out the rest of the kitchen props.

linguini :

another sample render , made adjustments to fabric brightness on characters now , getting the scene mood looking better. I think I must go get a small bit of sleep because after that its a straight work session till deadline.

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more updates , some tables updated some more props , textures , windows etc… added some AO into the post process.

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more props , my french loaf was too red … will desaturate it some more :slight_smile: I have also added another small step in the post process color grading , as I compared it to the movie and they have a red tint I was missing before.

Here is my final entry , I did not have even remotely enough time to bake all the lighting , so it does not match the renders so much. Anyway good practice as always.


did you try to post process it via filmic and color correction?
while i like your kitchen, the charakters look kinda bad. But i guess time ran short on those .)

I am using some effects , time is obviously the issue. Also I had to choose a lighting that kinda worked for everything, not only the characters. Especially the brightness thing Maurice mentioned , I tested it in VR and then toned it down so it was not too bright.