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Re-upload option for Blender exporter?

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Hi All

So on the website you have an option to re-upload a scene , meaning you can update the models and wont loose any current views or favourites etc. So how do you do this using the exporter in blender?

Also, when you do a re-upload, do all material settings and scene/post effects settings remain intact? I spent a long time tweaking my scene and would hate to loose it?



Re-uploading via the API is possible. However, it can't be undone, which is why we typically don't want to include it in exporters. It also does not save any 3D Settings that were changed after uploading.

In the future, we'll likely implement model versioning, a more streamlined upload/download workflow, and/or save states for material settings...

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Ok thanks for the info , I will just have to sit with notepad open and capture the values of all my settings I made so I can apply them again after I do the re-upload.

I think having a save state slots for setting would be excellent. Not only for re-uploading but also for when you want to experiment with how you want to set the scene up, you could then do a few different settings and save each to a slot and then simply cycle through your stored settings and see which one you like best.


Yep, we're working towards something like that. It can get a bit complicated though, especially if geometry changes.