Re-upload using the API

(Mr Inka) #1

Hey, my project is more about making a texture than making an actual model. Is there a way to re-upload an already hosted model with different textures/settings using the data API? This would save a lot of bandwidth bandwidth.

Thanks b


Yes, you can re-upload with PUT with the same payload as you would an upload POST!/models/put_v3_models_uid

There is a known bug that not all metadata is correctly updated (e.g. tags)

(Mr Inka) #3

Hey, since this requires a an actual model file, I am not sure if this is what I am looking for.

Example: I uploaded a 25mb 3d model on sketchfab and added a texture to it. Now I made a different texture, a completley different version and I’d like to upload this one to sketchfab while keeping the other model/texture. Ther normal approach would then be, to reupload the 25mb model and add the new texture to it in a new sketchfab post.

Well … couldn’t there be an option, to just “grab” the 3D model from an already uploaded scene and put it into a new untouched sketchfab post? Copy it withing the sketchfab servers. This would save bandwith.


Ah ok, sorry I misunderstood. We’re actively working on a model Duplication feature that will allow you to make an exact copy of a model and make changes (e.g. different versions of textures, description/annotations in different languages, etc.)

This will be a feature for Pro members and should be available within the next few weeks.


We now offer a model duplication feature for Pro accounts and above. I hope it helps!

(Brestscan3d) #7

I would like to be able to create a kind of template.
Then I saw on this thread that it is possible to re-upload a model but I would need to duplicate the template url before. Is it possible to duplicate using the api ?


Not at the moment, but it would probably make sense to add the /duplicate endpoint to v3

(Brestscan3d) #9

yes… being able to work with templates -with api or just using the manual upload- is something which is really missing on sketchfab. For me it is obvious that working with templates would be a gain of time for pro users.


Yes, we also plan to implement a “Presets” feature so that you can easily save and copy 3D settings and/or materials between models. It’s been on our todo list for a long time, but it’s a challenging feature, so there is no ETA yet.