[READ ME] Firefox 46 Users - Known Bug



There is a known bug introduced in Firefox 46. It affects all Luminance format textures with Trilinear filtering.

It should be fixed in Firefox 47:

We also have a temporary fix coming on our end for FF 46 users.

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(Szalage) #3

Hey guys, since the recent update (46.0.1) for Firefox I experience some weird issues. The best way to describe it is to post some pictures. This is what it should look like:

This is what it looks like:

Any ideas what can cause this?


(Ndrakey) #4

wow i would also be interested to know whats causing this.
the leather part on the first picture looked quite good but on the second one it has some uber shitty brown tones on it.


Known issue on Mozilla's end affecting all Luminance / Trilinear texture. It will be fixed in FF 47 and we have a temporary fix coming on our end, too.

(Szalage) #6

Alright thanks!

(Salex) #7

That's good to hear! I have the same problem. I hope that this problem will be fixed soon especially because of promoting and selling of some assets..

(Reapermediasr) #8

This one model has suddenly started ignoring metalness if I use a texture. But only if I use Firefox and I don't know if it's just me or if anyone else can see it going wrong. Any ideas what's going on here?

(Simon Kratz) #9

Currently WebGL is experiencing various bugs in Firefox.
There's a good chance your problem has the same cause.
But in that case there isn't much you can do to solve it I'm afraid :frowning:
Well, except for using a different browser :wink:

(Dark Minaz) #10

As essimoon said, firefox 46.0 got that as an issue sadly
47.0 should fix it once it's out (according to the tracker)

id go with chrome till then for sketchfab, that's pretty good at handling metalness .. ^^

(Reapermediasr) #11

I sense a terrible pun in there . . . But I'll forgive you for it.

(Salex) #12

I also see the problems! I hope they will fix it soon :angry:

(Dark Minaz) #13

yeah, we all do, quite bad to use another browser just because firefox did mess it up in this version. Let's hope they roll out 47.0 soon.

(Simon Kratz) #14

Since Chrome's WebGL performance has always been better than Firefox's this was finally a good reason for me to switch to Chrome permanently :smile:

(Reapermediasr) #15

Well, we can do nothing but wait, but I hope they fix this soon. There's still lots of people out there who use Firefox and may not be aware of the issue. I'd hate for them to see my models the way they're being displayed right now. It only seems to be effecting PBR materials at least, but I just downloaded Substance Painter and I've been having fun remaking old texture maps so that they'd be optimized for PBR.

(Stephomi) #16

It affects every luminance texture that are using mipmapping/trilinear.
Ttypically, pbr workflow contain many greyscale map, rough, metal, ao, cavity, etc....

We were waiting for FF to backport the fix on 46, but it's not clear if they are doing to do so.
So now, we are probably going to temporarily fix on our side (it might have a small impact on perf/memory used).

(Simon Kratz) #17

Sry to hear you have to fix it on your end for now :confused:
Hope the guys from Mozilla are as fast as Sketchfab with their fixes :wink:

(Dark Minaz) #18

the guys from mozilla wrote it' fixes itself in 47. So kinda makes sense why they don't really bother with it.
but nice that you guys make a temp fix, because still around 17% use firefox at this point.

(Ericcorreia) #19

Hi there!

I uploaded my project about 4 days ago, looked fine in sketchfab and was happy with it. Until I noticed something was clipping, so I fixed it, and reimported the fbx.

But it unfortunately broke my materials. Everything is extremely shiny. I tried reimporting again, and even tried deleting all of its textures, reimporting and reassigning them. I made sure my textures are on linear (roughness, metallic, etc.) Nothing gives.

How can I fix this? Seems like a reimport bug.

EDIT: Looks fine in Chrome, but crap in Firefox... I initally uploaded, and viewed it fine in Firefox, but when I did this fix, broke in firefox... I don't want any potential firefox viewer to see it and not realize it looks correct in Chrome...

(Dark Minaz) #20

that's currently a firefox bug.
nothing you can do about it really, except waiting for sketchfab to temporary fix it (although it's not their fault) or wait for firefox 47.0