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README: The State of VR Mode & Navigation



As you may have seen, we removed the Orbit camera navigation from VR mode, and that has led to some confusion. We'd like to explain what’s going on behind the scenes so you can understand why we did this.

The "old" Cardboard navigation was a prototype - using an "orbit" type navigation in VR is weird and not our end goal. We are currently working hard to provide a good VR experience. This will become available step by step during the next couple of weeks.

We found during development that it was too hard to maintain both the "old" Orbit camera and the "new" VR navigation. The changes impact our viewer everywhere, so we decided to make the switch now and release quick iterations of the code.

This is how the new mode will work:

  • In the editor you will be able to configure the scene scale, the initial camera position and orientation (this is essential for a good VR experience - the scale needs to be right with respect to a human body).
  • A teletransportation system will be implemented to navigate in your scene - both by selecting arbitrary locations on the floor and by using an updated version of our annotations system.
  • If your model has no scale information yet, we will fit it in a diorama size (about 2 meters) at eye-level.
  • The VR mode will support mobile (Cardboard / Gear VR) and desktop (Vive/Oculus).

This should be released very soon (probably during July) and updates will continue to be made to improve the experience.

So, Orbit mode will not return, but will be replaced by something else to fit every use-case.

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions and feedback.

The Sketchfab Team

UI hidden, does not allow switch to orbit mode
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This is great news to hear, and please keep us updated. I am spending hours today looking at other places to host VR environments, but so far Sketchfab is still the best solution. If you guys can make this navigation in a browser just as clean as your dedicated VR app, it will be a great thing.