Ready to move it, move it? 3D Animation now available for everyone!

We’re proud to announce that all Sketchfab users can now publish their animations in interactive 3D, anywhere.

Read the full announcement on our blog.


Thanks Bart, Let the Revolution begin!


One thing to note: If you intended your model to be downloadable, you will have to go re-enable downloads for those.

Confirmed, this happened during reprocessing. We’re working on a fix.

Ok thanks, but should I go re-enable or wait?

Ok I see a problem, This one doesnt seem to be letting me set it to no cycle, it keeps cycling.

However I was able to get it to do just what I wanted by putting it on cycle one!

Im Happy now Thanks!

One more note: If your scene is animated, you will have to save screen again,

This does not apply to static models.

No Cycle seems to work as expected for me: it plays every animation in order, then stops.

Investigating the thumbnail issue.

one more note: Some of the models say they have no animation, but I know they are rigged with bones. Like this one

WIll they still have bones when downloaded? Edit:

Ive since checked and yes the bones are intact so was the thumbnail.

But this is only on models that have no animation and are rigged with bones and face morphs.


Download includes exactly the files you uploaded, so you should be good.

This is now fixed, thanks for reporting!