Real Perpetual Motion Machine


(Dpalme) #1

I'm making a scientist who has invented a perpetual motion machine.
Well, more specifically I'm making a perpetual motion machine.
In Cinema4D using the dynamics I'm attempting to create a machine that spins a generator in the center and repeats cycles infinitely, this design is compressible and modular.
I'm nearly done, just missing a mechanism that can lift the sphere back to the top and repeat the cycle.
Hope you find it as cool as i do.

(Dpalme) #3

model is 62 MB with animation and im a poor boi so cant pay for pro. gg rip in pece. :cry:

(Bart) #4

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(Dpalme) #5

im not proud of what ive done, but i did it anyways

Perma Motion Machine by dpalme on Sketchfab

hope youre happy Satan, were meeting soon

(Dpalme) #6

demo of it in action

(Dpalme) #7

gg guys, turns out permanent motion machines exist since the XI century, going to go kms for spending hours trying to create something which was already created

(Bart) #8


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