Reaver Gladius- Reinvigorating an old model


(Ben Hosac) #1

Hi Sketchfab! I wanted to share a piece I re-visted over the weekend: The Reaver Gladius


I made this low poly short sword when I was first setting out to learn 3d. I was pretty timid about color at that point so I kept it monochrome.


I really liked the design and thought I should do something with the piece. The answer turned out to use the old diffuse as a height map (with a couple edits) and start masking off materials in Substance Painter. At the end of the process it was nice to see a forgotten model in an entirely new light. You can find more images here!

Thanks for taking a look. -BlH

(Don42) #2

thats actually one of the prettiest low poly models ive seen yet (:
Something id love to see in a game like WoW :smiley:

(Ben Hosac) #3

@Don42 thanks for the high praise. I have a bunch of these sorts of models collecting digital dust and I'm happy to share the progress as I get them ready for something new I've had in the works.

What's funny is the baked lighting filter in substance painter gets sick a good result, this look should be possible in a diffuse/specular only scenario similar to mobile & wow.