Recap 360 photogrammetry to Sketchfab

(Duke Barac) #1

Hi All,

I'm new to Sketchfab and the forum, and was wondering if any of you seasoned users would be kind enough to explain your workflow/s you use for exporting from Recap 360 (e.g. what native files exported, then do you convert to another format) before importing/uploading them into Sketchfab.

I did a trail upload into Sketchfab today using native Recap 360 mesh.mtl and mesh.obj files (which I zipped file both), the 3D mesh model was created in Sketchfab, but the mesh model output didn't included any photo realistic mesh rendering (plain mesh model).........where did I go wrong?

Thanks in advance.

(Bart) #2


sounds like it should work. Would you mind mailing me the file so I can take a look at it? That's




You'll need to include the texture (i think JPG from ReCap 360?) with the OBJ + MTL.

(Duke Barac) #4

Thanks Bart/James for timely responses.
James hit the nail on the head, I forgot to include the JPG file in the zip folder (with OBJ + MTL) I uploaded.
Re-uploaded files, successful model reconstructed.
Thanks again guys, appreciate your input/help.